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Vision in-School

Vision In-School, established in 1996, is geared toward providing vision education to fourth – sixth graders.  The JSEI Affiliates curriculum, originally developed by the National Eye Institute (NEI), continues to receive positive reviews from both students and teachers, year after year.

The JSEI Affiliates volunteer speakers involve students in a lively 45-60 minutes session covering:

  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Mechanics of vision
  • Problems that interfere with vision
  • Eye health and safety, including injury prevention

The highlight of the presentation are the volunteers hands-on dissection demonstrations of a bovine cow eye.

Eye injury is the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States.  Vision IN-School provides children information on how to protect their precious gift of vision.

 To schedule a presentation for your school classroom, click here to complete the form.


National Eye Institute (NEI) All about Vision


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