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Patient Services

The patient care program at SEI encompasses the full range of eye diseases. Nationally and internationally renowned faculty, along with highly skilled clinical fellows and resident physicians, provide integrated consultation and treatment, including surgical services. The JSEI Affiliates has developed several programs that provide humanistic care to enhance the medical services provided at the SEI.


Preschool Vision Screening


vision-screening-2 vision-screening-3 vision-screening-4 vision-screening-5 vision-screening-1

vision-screening-logoVision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers; however, most young children do not have the communication skills to notify parents or teachers when they are not seeing properly. The JSEI Affiliates Preschool Vision Program, launched in 1999 through a generous grant from Glorya Kaufman and the Jules and Doris Stein UCLA Support Group, provides free vision screenings at local preschools and community locations throughout Los Angeles to identify refractive errors or eye muscle problems. Early detection of these often treatable conditions helps ensure a lifetime of good vision.

Glorya Kaufman and Leonard Apt, MD at the Jules Stein Eye Institute Affiliates’ first vision screening at the Donald Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch Library, Brentwood, CA , March 17, 1999.

Since the Program’s inception, approximately 260+ preschools have been visited and more than 7,000+ preschoolers, ages three -and -a -half to five, have been screened. As a result, hundreds of preschoolers with undetected vision problems have been referred for a full eye exam, diagnosed and prescribed eyeglasses.

To schedule a preschool vision screening, click here to complete a request form.


Make Surgery Bearable

Make Surgery Bearable

The Affiliates Make Surgery Bearable program provides plush Dr. Teddy bears to every pediatric patient undergoing eye surgery at SEI. Friends and donors can Sponsor either a teddy bear or book to help a child feel secure during a scary time. Sponsorship is $10.00 per bear or book. (Click here to sponsor a Dr. Teddy)




Shared Vision

shared_visionEstablished in 2004, the Affiliates Shared Vision program collects and recycles donated eyeglasses for those in need. The eyeglasses are cleaned, tagged with the vision correction prescription and distributed to clinic missions operated by nonprofits groups in Africa, Central America and developing countries, as well as homeless shelters and relief organizations in the United States.

If you would like to donate gently used eyewear, please mail them to:

UCLA – JSEI Affiliates
100 Stein Plaza, Suite 1-124
Los Angeles, California 90095-7000


April 2017, shared 2000 pair of glasses with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) International, Tijuana, Mexico




Patients of the SEI can access a lending library of low-vision assistive devices as part of the services of the UCLA Vision Rehabilitation Center (VRC). Through its MagniVision program, the Affiliates financially supports the center’s lending library by donating new, technologically advanced devices on a regular basis. In addition, Affiliates volunteers work in the Center, assisting low-vision patients and training them on the use of various vision aids.

To become a UCLA SEI Vision Rehabilitation Center volunteer is by invitation only. A minimum of 4 hours/week for a 6-month commitment. Please contact VRC directly to learn of availability.